UAV Workshops

Drones are the revolutionary technology in last few decade, “Quadcopter” is the heart of it. Quadcopter applications are versatile and fast growing developing technology. Students will empower the quadcopter technology and apply in their field of expertise like surveillance, automation, electronic, agriculture, photography etc


This workshop focusses on empowering the student with great knowledge of micro-UAV’s, especially Quadcopter and to develop the skill sets of design, fabricate and control. To develop their own DIY drone and to bring innovative ideas as a real time project.

Workshop Duration : 2 Days (6 hours each day)

Topics Covered in this workshop are:

1. Introduction to UAV

2. Design of UAV’s

3. Control, Navigation, and Guidance of UAV

4. Fabrication and Assembly

5. Application

Who can Participate?

UG / PG students or Ph.D. scholars or Engineers from the departments Mechanical, Aerospace, Avionics, Automobile, Mechatronics, Environmental, Agriculture, Civil, Electronic, Communication Engineering and any engineering or science background willing to learn drone technology.

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